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Wholesale terms and conditions

 Fred & DeLaina's desire is to form a partnership that will serve you and your customers well. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied, please let us know.

Terms & Conditions

Initial orders

  1. $100.00 minimum opening order for all orders.

  2. 15-day notice for all re-orders.

  3. All orders must pre-pay—forms of payment Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover American Express.

  4. Merchants have a minimum of 20 days to place an order before their launch.

  5. Free delivery for the first initial order. After that, the shipping cost is $19.95. Please add this to your drop-down during check-out. 

  6. Please leave a comment at check out for any special requests for merchants. 

Case Pack Quantity (QPC)

  1. 20 soaps per case pack quantity. 

Delivery & Damages

     All items will be secured upon delivery when leaving the manufacturer. Please inspect all items upon delivery. Please let us know if things are missing or damaged within five business days. If the merchant chooses to use USPS and the items arrive damaged, please let us
know as soon as possible. We ask that photos be taken and provided to Soapy Soulutions to file a complaint with the USPS. Soapy Soulutions will do its best to secure new products within a reasonable time frame to merchants.

Returns & Contract fulfillment

  1. All sales are final.

  2. Once the merchant has possession of the product, the product is theirs to do as they wish.

  3. Manufacturers will not accept returns of unsold products.

  4. Manufacturers will not disclose white label contracts to anyone outside of the company.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP)

  1. 4 0z. bars = 20 bars per case/$12.00 bar = $240.00 SRP ($12.00) each.

  2. 1.85 oz. bars = 20 bars per case/(sold as a set of 2) = $180.00 SRP ($9.00) each.

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