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Soapy Soulutions' Mission

We believe in...


Soapy Soulutions is focused on the well-being of people. Our concerns are that people in urban communities have limited access to quality skin care products. 


Soapy Soulutions is focused on the well-being of a community. When people have limited or no access, the people in the community suffer. We need people to invest in communities with limited access to basic human needs so people and the community grow together. 


Soapy Soulutions is focused on building authentic connections. We desire to build brand trust in the community by supporting local and global programs focused on people's health, education, and empowerment. 


3% of sales are donated to Women's & Children's empowerment initiatives focused on health and education programs.


Our mission aligns with the four pillars of sustainability social, human, economic, and environmental. We source supplies from vendors who focus on giving back to underserved populations, protecting wildlife, and limiting their carbon footprint on the environment. We focus on working in cohesion with others to provide the best possible outcome, one bar of soap at a time. 

"When we invest in people we invest in today; when we invest in people, we invest in a tomorrow; when we invest in people, we invest in a future for all."  

Fred & DeLaina

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