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  • What is cure time?
    Cure - to preserve. Cold process soap is similar to wine. How? they both benefit from long preservation times which produce better outcomes. Respectfully, Cold process soap can be used within few days after it's been made. However, the industry-standard suggests 4 to 6 weeks to allow all the water to dissapate leaving the bar harder and milder. The benefits of cure time provides consumers with more product over the long run. Cold process soap last longer when not left in stagnat water and has time to dry between uses.
  • Why are so many products unscented?
    Many products at Soapy Soulutions are intentionally unscented. As too much scent may irritate individuals who suffer from allergies (i.e. the owner).
  • I ordered several of the same bar soaps why are the designs different?
    Handcrafted soap markers are artists. Each bar will have unique characteristics based on the artist. We hope you enjoy the artisty as much as we do.
  • I would like more information on the ingredients used in your products?
    The ingredients used at Soapy Soulutuions are thoroughly scruitinized to provide the customer with high-quality ingredients. Our desire is that everyone will feel confident using our products. We have included a list of ingredients below; *Butters - Organic Cocoa & Shea Butter per manufacture *Micas - Vegan & cruelty free per manufacture *Oils - All Oils natural & plant based (coconut, grapeseed, hemp, virgin olive oil pomace, olive oil, ethically sourced palm oil, sunflower oil, vitamin e). *Wax - Beeswax natural, clean & filtered per manufacture All essential & fragrance oils are purchased from companies that only offer high quality, concentrated, undilitued oils. *Changes made to the product list are at the owners discretion. *All products are for external use only.
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