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Why I started Soapy Soulutions.

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Our company, Soapy Soulutions LLC, was born out of frustration with our local community's lack of quality skincare products. Co-owner DeLaina and her children

struggled with dermatological issues and found the endless appointments and prescriptions a temporary solution. She began to research and eventually turned to a more holistic approach to skincare, which led her to experiment with making her own soap and skincare products at home.

After perfecting her craft through years of practice and education, DeLaina and her team established Soapy Soulutions, offering high-quality, handcrafted soap and skincare products to the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Our team is dedicated to providing natural, chemical-free products that are better for our customers and the environment.

At Soapy Soulutions, we believe that self-care should be simple, stress-free, and accessible to everyone. We are using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. We empower our customers to take control of their skincare routine and prioritize their well-being.

Join us on our journey towards a more natural, holistic approach to skincare. Welcome to Soapy Soulutions.

Fun Fact: The initials S.S. are for our lovely daughter, who was raised in a house full of boys; even the dog (R.I.P Pepper) was a male.

If you suffer from Eczema, what do you use to reduce flair-ups?

  • Prescriptions only.

  • OTC itch creams.

  • Diet - restricting certain foods.

  • Natural soaps, oils, butters (shea, cocoa, type lotions).

You can vote for more than one answer.

Thank you for taking part in our poll. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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