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Fall in love with plant-based skin care. 
The journey to explore begins with you. 

Feet in Bathtub
Image by Verena Böttcher
Milk Bath

Handcrafted soap is a harmonious art form—a soulful expression of care for our fellow humans. Now every recipe is crafted with passionate precision.

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Useful Knowledge

Here at Soapy Soulutions, we practice what we preach. Honesty,

transparency, and integrity.  We spend countless hours researching the best companies to source the highest quality skincare ingredients

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What Our Customers Say

We hear most from our customers how our dry body oils do not leave them feeling greasy. Our proprietary formula is specially made to absorb into the skin quickly without that oily feeling.  

Three Piece Beard Set_edited.jpg

Unconditonal Love

A Man's beard is center stage. The beard needs nurtured and tended to. That's why we use all-natural ingredients to care for every strand of hair on your face—leaving your beard strong, healthy, and thriving. 

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